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With our love of the ocean and marine life we have tried to create a beautifully sustainable business, which takes nothing from the environment but photos and leaves nothing behind. We show you how best to approach different sea creatures so not to alarm or disturb them in their natural habitat.  Furthermore, we work hard to reduce all single-use plastics onboard and when we are not operating tours, we are organizing beach clean ups and initiatives to continue to preserve Oman’s rich bio-diverse coastline. 

It is our aim to be the first in Oman to provide an accredited sustainable tour of the Daymaniat Islands, as we strongly believe in responsible business and ecotourism to support conservation efforts of this beautiful nature reserve for future generations. 


After trying a couple of other companies in Muscat for snorkeling, Daymaniat Shells was recommended to me by a friend. As well as going to some of the best snorkeling sites in the area they were also noted as being a very professional and eco friendly company, giving clear and concise instructions to clients about protecting the wildlife and the environment.

I’ve been on numerous trips with Daymaniat Shells now and it always impresses me the way they strive to make the event memorable to the snorkelers, whilst at the same time, improving the way that they interact and protect the environment. many times we’ve retuned to port with a waste bag full of plastic left floating in the sea, and their latest drive to replace plastic bottles on the trip with a re-usable aluminum bottle not only helps to safeguard the Daymaniat Islands and surrounding area, but also makes customers feel like they’ve played a part in the Eco journey. 

I’ve recommended them to all of my friends and we run a regular trip from work, which sells out every time.

Rob Widdowson, Muscat

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